Crossrail, Farringdon Station

Project Details

Value: £1.4m

Location: London

Client: Transport for London

Contractor: NG Bailey

Exyte Hargreaves scope of work included the manufacture, supply,  installation and commissioning of smoke extract fans for the platforms located at each end of the station. The systems each comprised two (duty and standby) fire rated smoke extract fans, attenuation and DW 144 ductwork As well as HFD-SID CE rated fire duct work which is the first project to have a CE rated accredited duct work. 

Exyte Hargreaves advanced fire rated ductwork to a CE marking the first project of it's type Light gauge galvanized ductwork Flexible ductwork
- Airturns / splitters
- Fire Dampers
- Isolation & Balance Dampers
- Manual control and fire attenuators
- Grilles

The project consisted of two ticket halls the east ticket hall & the west ticket hall, within these two ticket halls they are 8 levels which consist of numerous small plantrooms which have plant situated with large extract fans which serve the tunnel Extract System And two AHU'S on the east and two on the west.

The Tunnel ran for approximately 1.5 miles in which Hargreaves installed numerous runs of duct to the Platform Smoke extract which was designed in case of a fire it would keep the platforms clear of Smoke and give people a chance to escape via the fire exits for up to 2 hours.

All fire rated duct work was successfully pressure tested on first attempt and the systems signed off and handed over to the commissioning team to balance the systems before going operational.