Exyte Hargreaves are proud to have been certified with Cyber Essentials Plus for a second year in a row, successfully meeting government criteria to pass the renewal audit.

Despite the current lockdown restrictions, we were able to proceed with the audit remotely ensuring a the high level of security provided continues to be maintained. The audit involved completing a questionnaire covering the five key technical controls, a vulnerability scan of externally facing devices, a workstation assessment and an internal vulnerability scan.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a government backed, industry led scheme to help businesses protect themselves against the most common cyber security threats and reduce the risk by at least 80%. The certification is a requirement for any companies bidding for government contracts, handling sensitive and personal information.

The scheme looks at five key areas of cyber security to ensure the business is protected to strong security standards across access control, firewalls and routers, malware protection, secure configuration and software updates.

We value the seriousness of cyber security and the potential threats to a business such as phishing, ransomware, malware and social engineering is increasing. As a result, ensuring our business is protected is of paramount importance to us.

We are pleased to be able to demonstrate this through the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme, ensuring cyber-attacks and security threats are prevented and blocked in accordance with government assurance framework guidelines.

With being accredited by Cyber Essentials Plus we are able to provide the reassurance to our customers that the security measures we have in place to protect their data are effective and robust.


Thank you to everyone who helped to achieve this.