We are delighted to have successfully achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for a second time with Lloyd’s Register (LR), an independent certification body, despite being in lockdown due to COVID-19.

This year’s assessment visit was like no other before, due to the current lockdown measures, we were unable to welcome the auditors into the office to undertake the usual 3 day visit and instead successfully completed the assessment remotely using secure platforms.

Working together with the Lloyd’s Register assessors we were able to facilitate the remote audit and allow them sufficient access to our people, systems and files to conduct the audit in full. We were well prepared and able to demonstrate the required performance to meet the requirements of the standard.

“Congratulations to the team for successfully achieving certificate renewal. This was no mean feat to be able to demonstrate our continuing commitment to reducing our environmental impact whilst adapting to the changes to how we work due to the Covid-19 situation. The assessment was achieved in a fully remote manner, facilitated through video conferencing and secure file sharing. Charlotte Hey, Business Improvement Manager, Exyte Hargreaves Limited

Exyte Hargreaves have always taken our environmental impact seriously and in maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, we demonstrate a continuing commitment and desire for ongoing improvement.

Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our commitment to reducing any undesirable impact our activities may have on the environment through the implementation of a robust Environmental Management System. This system allows us to gather, monitor and communicate environmentally relevant information. We use this data to continually refine and improve our organisational practices with the goal of reducing our impact on the environment.

Following the success of the certificate renewal visit, a further assessment has been carried out with the auditor from Lloyd’s Register against the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Again, this was carried out remotely and we were able to demonstrate the systems in place and maintain our certification.

“During these challenging times, I worked closely with Exyte Hargreaves to conduct the assessment remotely,” said Chris Whiston, Senior Quality Management System Assessor at LR. “Documentation that would normally be reviewed on-site was reviewed via secure screen-sharing facilities. They were well prepared and the communication between both parties worked really well and was efficient.”

Exyte Hargreaves ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement and supports in providing exemplary quality of service in meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

ISO 9001 requires organizations to demonstrate that they have a quality management system in place to ensure consistency and promote improvement. Certified organizations, such as Exyte Hargreaves, are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is maintained.


Thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve this.