The Industries That Must Overhaul Their Fire Safety Procedures - 9th Nov 2020

Though there is widespread agreement and acknowledgement that reform is needed when it comes to building regulations and their relation to fire and smoke safety, the issue as it stands today affects various elements of the supply chain in very different ways.

Design responsibility: it’s all ours - 15th October 2020

The construction industry has claimed it thrives on collaboration, and that partnerships drive better outcomes, for decades. But as soon as it comes to taking responsibility for an area that falls down or fails, suddenly everyone washes their hands of the part they played. And because there are so many grey areas in legislation within the contractual industry, people are actually better enabled to take this approach, rather than stick their head above the parapet and accept collective blame.

Review of the Draft Building Safety Bill - 6th August 2020

There was an initial, resounding welcoming of the Government’s promise to bring forward changes that will improve building and fire safety – it’s something for which many campaigned for years. But since the announcement was made in July, there has been time to reflect on how feasible the proposals actually are, how they will impact innovation and whether it has implications on our collective responsibility to protect a building’s residents.