HVAC Design and Digital Engineering

man with virtual glasses

An essential component in ensuring that Exyte Hargreaves continue to drive to be industry leaders in design and manufacture of HVAC systems. Having Product Design & Development capabilities has allowed Exyte Hargreaves to develop a wide range of products using a methodical and structured process to deliver key deliverables from concept to delivery.

But research & development within the business is not only limited to New Product Development. It also extends to the manufacturing process, enabling new methods to be developed and tested by means of physical or digital twin allowing minimum disruption to operations with maximum efficiencies.

Critical to our OSM agenda is Digital Engineering. Digital Engineering is much more than creating models, it’s about unlocking knowledge and stimulating insight, creating data and a platform for true project collaboration. It supports greater collaboration and more informed decision-making by providing a central data source.

This helps create more unified delivery teams, while allowing the supply chain to see beyond their own activities to a more holistic view of the client’s objectives.

When applied at the very earliest stages of a project, OSM and Digital Engineering not only facilitates better design but helps identify and eliminate risks that might arise later down the line – offering greater predictability of building performance, price, programme and delivery.