Off-Site Assembly (OSA)

Exyte Hargreaves provides a differentiated capability to deliver our projects utilising offsite manufactured and assembled engineered products and components, engineered through the design & engineering process of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA).

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly capability enables us to optimise our solutions throughout early engagement and collaborative working with clients and design & delivery teams. We are in a unique position to deliver our strategic intent to support all of our projects utilising offsite manufactured and assembled products/components.

Exyte Hargreaves is recognised for its quality workmanship and commitment to customers. This has been achieved through constantly delivering and exceeding on its promises while displaying openness, integrity, passion and pride in all projects. With more than 80 people based at our production facility in Manchester, boasting exceptional skills and leading technical expertise, Exyte Hargreaves maintains a strong workforce with the unique capacity to support nationwide projects, wherever and whenever the need arises.

Off-Site Manufacturing Capability Statement